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Wilson Brothers

The Wilson Brothers - (Sergeant William David (Billy) and John Harwood Wilson in uniform.)

William David (Billy) and John Harwood Wilson were the sons of Thomas William and Martha Wilson. The family were living in Smethwick in 1901, but by 1911 had moved to Tettenhall, Wolverhampton.

William was born in Birmingham in 1894 and he was a student metal worker by 1911. There is little information about John, however, he survived the war and died in Wolverhampton in 1975.

John was born in Birmingham on 8 September 1892. In February 1909 he joined the Royal Navy, but only served until October of the same year. By 1911, he was a student wood worker for a cabinet maker. He enlisted in the Royal Army Medical Corps, first serving in France from 4 March 1915. John successfully rose from a Private to a Corporal and then to become a Staff Sergeant. He survived the war, and was discharged in 1919. John married Elsie Manley in Wolverhampton in 1921. The couple had two children, Jean and Olive.